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Theatrical Performances
In order to enrich life of its staff and cultivate staff’s feelings of literature and art, the companv will always hold some cultural and recreational activities, such as literary and artistic Performance, evening Party and so on. Inorder to fully arouse staff’s enthusiasm and explore their literary and artistic gift, we will vigorously provide stages for them to perform their various talents and eIegant aspects after working hours, which will also make their life be more interesting and wonderful.

Basketball Match
Orient Aluminium has a united and tenacious team with high and vigorous spirits. We march forward courageously without fear by carrying out the pioneering spitit with unremitting efforts.The team likes the brave eagle,soaring above the sky;the team likes the gallant horse, galloping in his world!The graceful bearing of Orient is composed of the positive and broad state of mind,the fearless and daring boldness of vision and the united and never—give—up spirit! Let it be now, or in the future Orient Aluminium will keep surmounting itself with an outstanding posture to create a bright future,and to show the proud and gracefuI bearing of Orient to the world!

Staff Training
As the saying goes, “There is no end to learning”. Orient Aluminium always attaches great importance to the training of staff.We not only train their working skills, but also train their ability of conducting themselves in society.We often organize training course for staff,focusing on providing perfect solution to those probIems staff encounter during working process When introducing new equiPments and new technologies, we always impart operational methods and production technologies to the staff immediately. In addition we also organize various symposiums frequently to discuss problems concerning work and life with staff, in an effort to help them to solve those difficulties.